Monday, May 16, 2011


Father when i was growing up
you we’re never around
i was trying to find something
of all the things
hungry for your love and attention
i blame you for the loneliness
i am had been
the unexplained hurt, anger, hatred
grief and sorrow
that they’d all assumed
had something to do with you
how painfull it was for me
for not having you by my side
when i needed you most
i wished and dreamed to see you in person
so i could shout it all out to you
how miserable i was
but when we finally meet
and we look each other in the eye
i realized there was something about you
that worth a second chance
and though i know you’ve never made some changes after that
you’ve never give me any explanation
those unspoken words
but magically mend the hurt within
despite the short time i spend with you
i adore you father
but i was again disappointed
and i blame you when i come accross difficult situation
i thought you are sellfish
because it hurts me even more
when you left me again
that i hadn’t given the chance to say goodbye
i cried and cried with so many why’s
but now i understand
because of you
i was given the chance to live my life
to the fullest
you father are the reason
i become the person i am
you are not the perfect father
that i wished
but i thank you anyway
for the beautiful things that happened
in my life
you inspire me to become independent
and allows me to learnt and grown
from all the things
where ever you are right now
i hope you know
that you mean so much so much to me
and i love you father.

by clairvoyantdestiny

Copyright © Salma's Story